Heather Reither

Personal Trainer/Service Rep

Heather is another multi-talented-multi-tasking woman we have on staff here.  A bad ass mom, para-educator, coach and Personal Trainer, she is also roper/cowgirl, horse trainer and body builder.    Whoa.

Johnna Schab

Service Rep

Student and fitness fanatic this great gal will great you with a smile and make your day!

SaRAH Bedient

Personal Trainer

Sarah has flair in her hair and in everything she does.  She is just straight up awesome.  Formerly in the Army, Sarah loves traveling the world and she is currently working on finalizing her Exercise Science degree and her ACE Personal Trainer Certification.   One day, she will no doubt, take her skills around the globe!

rhlyee Crawford

Service Rep

Out current "early riser" can be seen in the a.m. probably studying for one of her Speech Pathology & Audiology subjects or outside playing sport & riding horses.   This EWU sophomore can also tell you how it is, and show you how to lift real weight (and look good doing it)!

Jared Nichols


Here to serve you.

Eva Burt

Lean Body Instructor

Our longest tenured employee has improved the fitness level and positively motivated so many people in our community.  With numerous certifications and years of experience, you will not find any better instructor in this region.  She is simply the best.

Stacy Brunke

Senior Fitness Instructor

Come check out why Stacy is Stacy and why no one ever leaves her class.   Stacy cares about her people more than anyone and is a master motivator.  Come experience her THE TOTALLY AWESOME SENIOR FITNESS CLASS!!!

Kim Date

Cardio Kick/Pump-30/Step Instructor

Kim just straight up rocks.  Her ideas and passion and creativity has helped bring this team to a new level.  We look forward to growing this club and the group fitness schedule with her.   Be careful though...she will have you gyrating your hips.  With a hula hoop.

Nora Comita

Yoga Intructor

Coming soon

Meleah Braddy

Personal Trainer/Cycle/Service Rep

Meleah can do it all...and she does.  A modern day Wonder Woman, she will make you sweat in cycle class and cry happy tears during her intense work out.  With a personal transformation story of her own, come find out how...you might just catch her checking you in at the front desk!