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$26.99 per mO

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You're invited to join our new yoga instructor Nora as she guides the class through physical obstacles useful for all levels of yoga practitioner.Come test the waters and see for yourself just how beneficial these classes can be for your strength both on and off the mat!

NEW YOGA CLASS WEDNESDAYS 6pm & Saturdays at 10:15am!

M-F 4:30am-10:00pm

S-S 6:00am-6:00pm

call 509 744-9378




Lift weights with the freedom of not being judged by others. Any team member can help you, and our trainers will take you to the next level

It's time go move that body. There's no excuse -- we have great group fitness classes and awesome instructors to suit your needs

You are already a winner, but go to contact us send us a message and you will win a free pass to try us out.  First time guests/local residents only.